The Final semester Computer Science students (S8 CS 2013-17 BATCH) visited Keltron, Thiruvanathapuram  on 24th March 2017 as part of the industrial institute interaction plans of the department. Keltron (Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation limited) is India’s first and the largest electronics corporation in the state sector. Keltron has in effect triggered a revolution that still keeps churning out its benefits to individuals and institutions in different parts of the world, continuing in its quest to innovate products and processes that would add further value to life and to the industry.


At Keltron, the students were taken to software development cell and Online UPS manufacturing units, and they were excited to see the set up and undertsnad the professional environment over there. The students were divided into mini-batches and the company officials briefed about the various products they have developed and how Keltron is fully capable of delivering end-to-end solutions to discerning customers the world over. Students could see and understand the process steps in the production cycle of the Online UPS. They were also taken to KELTRAC( Keltron Tool room Research & Training Centre), where they could see machines that work on CNC (Computer Numerical Control). They provide facility for research, development and training in tooling, computer aided design & modelling. KELTRAC also addresses the education & research aspects for metal working techniques and processes. The students were accompanied by faculty members Mr. Sebin Jose and Ms. Lima Sebastian of department of Computer Science and Engineering.