Innovation Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) of Albertian institute of Science and Technology-AISAT, Kochi, one among the best performing IEDCs in Kerala, in association with Kerala startup Mission organized two day workshop on creativity “Slate and Pencil” on 11th and 12th March 2017.

The workshop detailed about entrepreneurship, self-assessment, and how to write a business plan. The workshops focused on what it means to be an entrepreneur and innovative thinking. Throughout the self-assessment portion of the workshop, students got reflected on their passions and generate new ideas. Then participants collectively worked on a series of creative problem-solving activities and find innovative solutions for issues in their communities. Finally, students were able to learn the basics of a business model and practice developing their own business plan as a team.


The program started with inaugural function of the workshop presided by Dr. K.E George Principal AISAT, Rev. Dr. Clement Valluvassery, Manager AISAT inaugurated the function in  the presence of Mr. Tiju Baby, IEDC nodal officer AISAT.  Mr. Alex Paul and Ms. Traise Susan V.J were the coordinators of the Program. Prof Arun J S and Prof Aneesh S, IEDC Nodal officer of Heera Enginerring College and SNIT Adoor respectively were the resource persons.


“Students show tremendous interest in this workshop, and we are always amazed with how much they can learn and apply within a day,” said Prof. K.E George, Principal AISAT. “The feedback obtained from the participants showed that the workshop was effective in teaching them how to develop and expand their entrepreneurial mindset through creativity and problem-solving activities.”