Heartfelt Report by the Students of S5 CSE : 

The students of  S5 computer science got an excellent opportunity to visit St. Joseph’s Cottalengo run by sisters situated in Fort Kochi, on  September third 2016 ,an orphanage with people who are specially challenged.


The students were accompanied by two faculties Mr. Jeswin Roy and Ms.Renjni M.H. The journey from AISAT started at 9:30 AM after a short prayer. AISAT Students were welcomed by the Convent Sisters and inmates with cheerful smiles in their face. Firstly AISATIANS  introduced themself to the students and sisters . They were very enthusiastic on seeing us. We had a wonderful interactive session with people over there. On our request they sang songs and some were very interested in dancing too. Their participation and the strong interaction with us made us so closer to them.

We were really surprised to see their awesome talents on their arts and handicrafts. They were eager to teach us and we were very curious to study from them. They are exorbitantly talented  people. As the time passed, we sat with the inmates being one among them for lunch. Desserts we offered delicious ice creams.

As our contribution to the rising talents over there we also distributed chart papers,color pens,smiley balls and other stationary items which would be very useful for them.  Finally AISATIANS received their blessings in the forms of prayers. They prayed for the well-being and bright future.  In order to develop confidence in them we also bought some of their creative arts to encourage their activities. We cherish those moments of visiting those “ANGELS”.

On returning from the orphanage, they were glaring at us till our shadows were long apart from them. Our hands started glowing with the flower received from them and’our minds too’.

We sometimes blame others or even God for the talents that we do not have.  But this made us realize that we people are created for helping  and understanding the ones like them. On the day after reaching home we felt proud of our self and thanked god for showering immense blessings on us.