A workshop for EEE, ECE and CSE faculty was organized on “Open Technology Training for Engineers”. The resource person was Mr. Ashok Shenoy. He is an expert who had trained faculty of various reputed companies like Qualcomm, UTC, EMC2, Wells Fargo, American Megatrends India (AMI), GDB, BOA, HCL, VMVare, Wipro ,  Alcatel Lucent , L & T Infotech ,  HCL Infosystems ,  Polaris,  Vista System Software ,  Safran Aerospace ,  Siemens Information Systems Ltd, Computer Science Corp ,  Nest Technologies ,  Eram Infotech.


This program falls in Engineer Teacher Initiative and was organized in the Systems lab under the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The engineer teacher initiative is the brain child of our director Prof. Dr. Babu T. Jose. The intention is to bring in more practicing engineers as teacher so as to impart field experience to the students to make them employable. The program helped the participants to understand the real power of C programming and how an engineer uses C program attributes to suit his requirement. The product design route map was also discussed and it was effective because of the first hand collaboration of the resource person to the various companies.



This makes it imperative for engineers in the electronic, electrical, mechanical and Information Technology domains to gain the technical knowledge required to create industrial strength applications and appliances using these open technologies. The objective of these short duration meetups is to create awarenes and intrest in open technology and enhance more participation. The ability to learn a new hardware or software technology platform and assemble circuits and write code to develop solutions with it does not ensure development of a good commecrializable engineered product.Open technology too requires training the engineer in using open toolsets productively to guarantee the development of products. He concluded that an engineer who has been well trained in the techniques of using open technology tools will be in high demand in MNCs.