As a part of academic curriculum activities two faculty members Mrs.Femey Rose and Mr.Tubin T.X along with 15 students of  S5 Electronics and Communication Engineering(Batch 3)  were decided to visit industries on 30th July 2016. The students visited FABLAB, AIR  and DOORDARSHAN. Students  reached the FABLAB at 10.30 am. The Kerala Start up mission employee Mr. Daniel Jeevan received us at the entrance and gave us a brief introduction about FABLAB.
FABLAB(Fabrication Laboratory) is small-scale workshop offering (personal) digital fabrication. A FABLAB is generally equipped with an array of flexible computer controlled tools. At the FABLAB he explained about vinyl cutter,3D plotter,CNC router,3D printing,laser cutter,sensors,moulding and casting.It was an informative and interesting session.


The next visit was to AIR . Mr.Anand,an employee of AIR studio welcomed the students and explained about the communication,its basic components AM,FM,need for modulation etc.Students were able to understand these concepts thoroughly because of the theory classes of Analog communication.Students were granted permission to enter the recording studio and could learn about the live FM program. The studio wall was made of porous material to avoid reverberation and echo.


At 2.00 pm students reached DOORDARSHAN. This is one of India’s largest broadcasting organisation in terms of studio and transmitter infrastructure . All the three visits were really informative. Being Electronics and Communication Engineering students this industrial visit helped them to gain more knowledge about the communication area . It also gave the students inspiration to learn about more technologies and also to invent something that will be useful in nearby future. Students  are looking forward to more opportunities like this, that can help them to develop their technical skills.