AISAT in association with SEEM celebrated National Technology day on May 11, 2016 with a theme Advances in Technologies for Sustainable Development.

Dr. K E George, Principal, AISAT welcomed the gathering. The program was presided over by Rev. Dr. Clement Valluvassery. Prof. Dr. Babu T. Jose, Director, AISAT inaugurated the session.  Mr. Antony Joseph, Chairman, SEEM Kerala Chapter felicitated the gathering.


There were three technical sessions handled by various speakers from SEEM, Kerala Chapter. First session is handled by Mr. Jayaraman C. He started his presentation by pointing out the relevance of engineers in the field of sustainable development. An engineer should learn relation between environment, energy, economy, ecology and development. If the resources are limited, there comes the importance of preserving it. He emphasized nine ways to achieve sustainability.  He showed with some important contributions by famous persons like Rachel Carson who were aware of environment and ecology disaster because of the technology development. Through the session he shared his knowledge on various federations, commissions and conferences like The Earth Summit, Road to Rio, UNFCCC (against the emission of Greenhouse gas emission), and Commission for SD. He concluded his talk by reminding the role of a young engineer in finding solution against the problems we are facing related to unsustainability.


Second session was handled by Mr. G Krishnakumar, Empower global management solutions on the topic technologies for sustainable development. The talk was mainly about the problems we are facing now a days by the technology development. We are in a society which is attracted behind the latest trends like mobile phones, . But nobody is aware of how these things affect the sustainability of the Earth. He explained some alternative solutions towards achieving clean and eco-friendly environment for e.g. compressor less air conditioning, 3D printers etc.


Mr. Aseem K. from SEEM delivered a talk on Energy audit for sustainable development. On his talk he mentioned about the relevance of energy audit in industries as well as in our home. The energy audit is the tasks to accomplish an effective energy management program to improve the energy efficiency and reduce the energy operating costs. He explained various methodologies and steps involved to conduct an energy audit. One of the major concepts put forward by the audit is energy conservation. State Designated Agencies (SDA) under Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is promoting various programs for achieving this goal. He gave simple class room assignment to students, for e.g. to calculate energy consumption in the hall they are sitting.

Program came to an end by 1.00 pm. Mr. Titus Philip, Treasurer, SEEM Kerala Chapter proposed vote of thanks.