An elaborate discussion on MBA programme was held in the AISAT campus on 3rd March,2016. The Guest of Honour was Mr Rajagopal Nair, Principal of Albertian Institute of Management.

He was introduced by Prof.Dr. K.E.George,Principal, AISAT and initiated his speech by stating that “B.Tech +MBA” is a synergistic combination. Later, Dr Rajagopal  started his session by urging the students to do an exercise. He put forth three questions and asked students to raise hands only if they knew the answer, without disclosing it. The questions were

  • Who was the first Prime Minister of India?
  • Who was the First Person to land on the moon?
  • Who made the highest score on ODIs?

Ninety percent of the audience responded positively. Then he asked if the students knew, who was the second President of India and who were the people in other two events.

Very few people in the audience new the answers. Upon this, he remarked that the world remembers only the no.1 person. So our attempt should be for that.

He then stressed upon the ASK(ATTITUDE-SKILL-KNOWLEDGE) principle. He added that without grit and determination, nothing could be achieved. To support his views, he enumerated several of his personal experiences.

To put his ideas in brief, he spared all the basic information on how to attend the CAT exams, where all to apply, etc.

His views and ideas had a great impact on each and every one of us and the event was appreciated by one and all.