Prof. Andrew McIntosh, University of Leeds visited AISAT Technical campus on 22nd February 2016. He is a pioneer in thermodynamics and combustion with many years of experience in aeronautical industry. He has contributed many articles to research in supersonic aircrafts. His research on Bombardier beetle has helped in improving spray combustion technologies. Such efforts, an excellent example for biomimetic engineering, has helped us to understand and appreciate nature in a better way.


The event started with a silent prayer, followed by the welcome speech by our principal Prof. K. E. George. Rev. Fr. John Christopher gave the presidential address. Prof. Andrew McIntosh was kind enough to give us a speech on ‘Intricacies of flight’ – a talk based on his attempts to understand the flight of birds. During his talk, he explained the wonderful biological mechanisms that helps a bird to fly. In an elegant and inspiring manner, he lead us to think how God’s creation overrules the evolutionary logic. The talk was filled with technically rich content, which was understandable even to the undergraduate students. The Cds containing the talk will be shared to everyone in the college by Rev. Fr. John Christopher.


Rev. Dr. Clement Valluvassery ,Manager, AISAT was kind enough to come for the talk and present the memento to the speaker. During the interaction session Prof. Andrew McIntosh, shared us with a few tips as to how we can start a biomimetic group. The event concluded with the vote of thanks by Mr. Hans M. H., Asst. Professor, Dept. of ME.