Mechanical measurements lab gives a technical ambience and familiarization of various precision, calibration and measurement equipment used in the mechanical industry and provides hands-on training with testing and measurement of various specimens using the precision instruments available in lab. The various parameters measured using the instruments include torque, vibration levels, sound levels, temperature, rotating speed, relative humidity and so on. Profile projector with high magnification ranges is available for measurement and accuracy testing of various threads.

List of Experiments

  1. Torque measurement and calibration
  2. Vibration measurement and calibration
  3. Linear variable differential transducer
  4. Speed measurement and calibration
  5. Measurement of thread parameters using profile projector
  6. Humidity measurement using sling psychrometer
  7. Noise level measurement using digital sound level meter
  8. Measurements using micrometer and vernier caliper
  9. Temperature measurement and calibration using thermocouple
  10. Polar planimeter