Fluid mechanics is one of the core sections in the Mechanical Engineering field dealing with the fluid properties, type of flow and the equations governing the behaviour of fluid. The students are given exposure to the various theory portions covered in the syllabus by the experiments arranged in the Lab. This well-equipped lab is suitable for conducting various experiments related to the basics of fluid mechanics, fluid flow and flow measurement. Students are given the best opportunity to clearly understand the concepts they were taught in Fluid Mechanics theory.

The Hydraulic Machines Lab provides the students an ample opportunity to familiarise with both pumps and turbines. The lab is equipped with various pumps that come across in our day to day life such as centrifugal pump, reciprocating pump, gear pump and so on… The lab is also equipped with commonly used turbines in power generation like Pelton Wheel, Kaplan and Francis Turbines. In short, Hydraulic Machines Lab helps the students to understand the working of pumps and turbines in detail.