Faculty in charge : Nisha Varghese

Lab in charge : Vipin Roy

Electronics Engineering Workshop provides a basic introduction of electronic hardware systems and provides hands-on training with familiarization, identification, testing, assembling, dismantling, fabrication and repairing such systems by making use of the various tools and instruments available in the Electronics Workshop. Experiments-for the Familiarization and testing of electronic components (Active, Passive, Electrical, Electronic, Electro-mechanical, Wires, Cables, Connectors, Fuses, Switches, Relays, etc. ), instruments (Multimeter, Function Generator, Power supply, CRO); Familiarization, design and fabrication of a single sided PCB; Inter-connection methods and soldering practice; Assembling of electronic circuit/system on general purpose PCB, test and show the functioning- are the experiments conducted in this lab.


List of  Experiments

1.Familiarization/identification of electronic components with specifications like connectors, fuses, switches, relays, displays etc.

  1. Familiarization of electronic systems like TV, DTH, CCTV, CRO, FG, CATV ETC.

3.Testing of electronic components : resistor, capacitor, diode, transistors, UJT & JFET using multimeter.

  1. Interconnection methods and soldering practice.
  2. LED blinking circuit using astable multi-vibrator with transistor BC 107
  3. RC coupled amplifier with transistor BC 107.

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