Faculty in Charge: Asst. Prof. Lima Sebastian

Lab Staff: Ms. Jency M G

 Lab Specifications

No. of Machines Available:  50

Server: Intel Xeon E3 2.4 GHz (1 no)

Intel Core i3/3.1 Ghz (49 no)

OS: Linux and Windows 7 Ultimate

Air Conditioned

 Software Available

Turbo C ++, gcc, python, LEX, YACC,

 Labs Held & Objectives

  • Programming Lab
    • To acquaint Fundamentals of C programming and develop problem solving skills.
  • Data Structure Lab
    • To provide experience on design, testing, and analysis of Algorithms and Data Structures used in computer science field
  • Operating System Lab
    • A practical exposure of all algorithms and behavior of processes in the system with respect to all its timings and allocation of process in the memory with some memory management techniques.
  • Compiler Lab
    • familiarize the design of all phases of compilers
  • Computer Graphics Lab
    • Implementation of fundamental algorithms in Computer Graphics.