The Electrical Measurements lab works under the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The lab is equipped with latest technologies in electrical energy measurement and instrumentation such as Kelvin Bridges, Wheatstone’s bridges, energy meters, digital multi meters, flux meter etc. It ensures that the students become experts in practical knowledge related to electrical measurement process under the guidance of faculty members from the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering. The lab facilities are used for final year B.Tech projects as well as studies beyond the syllabus.

Lab Equipments :

  • Wheatstone’s Bridge
  • Slide wire potentiometer
  • Kelvin double bridge
  • LVDT
  • Phase Shifting transformers
  • 1and 3 Autotransformers
  • Current and Potential Transformers
  • 1and 3 Energymeters
  • 1and 3 Loading Rheostats
  • AC and DC Ammeters
  • AC and DC Voltmeters
  • Regulated Power Supplies
  • Digital and analog multimeters


Lab Courses:

EE 234: Circuits and Measurements  Lab

Faculty In Charge:
Ms.Sreelekha K V

Lab Instructor

Mr.Madhu M M