Faculty In-charge : Dr. Arun Joy

Lab in charge : Vipin Roy

The system lab in AISAT is a fully air-conditioned laboratory designed to perform computer simulations of key aspects of Signal processing and communication engineering. It comprise of 33 PCs for students on which  simulation softwares like MATLAB, MASM, Keil and LTspice are installed. The laboratory also has a research room equipped with 4 PCs for faculty members

pursuing research.  This lab is designed such that it can also function as a smart classroom and seminar room.  Every year, basic introductory classes on simulation tools for Electronics and telecommunications are conducted for students using the facilities provided in the lab.


List of  Experiments

  1. Generation of waveforms (continuous and discrete)
  2. Verification of sampling theorem
  3. Time and frequency response of LTI systems
  4. Implement linear convolution and circular convolution of two sequences
  5. To find the DFT, IDFT, DCT, IDCT,FFT,IFFT for the given input sequence
  6. FIR, IIR filter design