Faculty in Charge : Naibin George

Lab in Charge : Anila Sebastin

This lab provides experience on programming and testing of few electronic circuits using 8086 and 8051 simulator. Also there are some interface experiments between trainer kit and personal computers, which will  makes the students to learn the basic interfacing concepts such as ADC/DAC interface, stepper motor interface, display interface, relay interface etc.

List of  Experiments

  1. Programming experiments using 8086 (MASM) like sum of N numbers, sorting, factorial of a number, concatenation of  2 strings, square, square root & Fibonacci series.
  2. Programming experiments using 8051 simulator (KEIL) such as addition & subtraction , multiplication & division, matrix addition, multiplication by shift and add method.
  3. Interface experiments using trainer kit/ direct down loading the programs from personal computer like ADC/DAC interface, stepper motor interface, frequency measurement, wave form generation, relay interface.