Faculty-in-charge: Ms. Anju S. George

Lab-in-charge: Ms. Anila Sebastian


The objective of this lab is to perform various experiments to consolidate basic knowledge in  digital electronics. Digital IC technology advances year by year at a rate which is unimaginable for other areas of technology. But the basic knowledge remains the same. Every digital system, no matter how complex it is, is built from logic gates and flip-flops. Digital Electronics Lab  provides a platform for the students to have hands on experience with digital ICs. The students will be able to have a better understanding about the concepts learned and they will gain experience in designing, testing and realizing digital circuits. The lab is equipped with digital training kits which were developed in-house.


List of experiments done in Digital Electronics Lab

  1. Study of Logic Gates: Truth-table verification of OR, AND, NOT, XOR, NAND and NOR gates.
  2. Implementation of the given Boolean function using logic gates in both SOP and POS forms.
  3. Design and Realization of half, full adder or subtractor using basic gates and universal gates.
  4. Flip Flops: Truth-table verification of JK Master Slave FF, T and D FF.
  5. Asynchronous Counter: Realization of 4-bit up counter and Mod-N counters.
  6. Synchronous Counter: Realization of 4-bit up/down counter and Mod-N counter.
  7. Shift Register: Study of shift right, SIPO, SISO, PIPO, PISO and shift left operations
  8. Ring counter and Johnson Counter.
  9. Design examples using Multiplexer and De multiplexer.
  10. LED Display: Use of BCD to 7 Segment decoder / driver chip to drive LED display
  11. Static and Dynamic Characteristic of NAND gate (both TTL and MOS)