Faculty in charge : Sonu Kunjannamma Varghese

Lab in charge : Jincy Rose

The Electronic Design and Automation Laboratory works under the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The Lab caters to the requirement of the students with respect to various lab sessions. Electronics lab is well equipped with the latest signal generators, oscilloscopes, measuring instruments etc. The lab has all the required equipment and consumables to carry out the experiments as per the syllabus as well as beyond the syllabus. Guidance is provided to the students by a team of expert faculty and lab technicians.



List of  Experiments

  1. Characteristics of diodes,transistors
  2. Frequency responses of RC LPF and HPF
  3. Rextifiers – half wave , full wave , bridge with and without filter- ripple factor and regulation
  4. Clipping and clamping circuits
  5. Differential amplifiers using BJT and MOSFET- measurement of CMRR
  6. Cascade amplifiers- frequency response
  7. Measurement of Op-amp, parameters
  8. Astable , monostable and Schmitt trigger circuit using Op-amps
  9. Wein bridge oscillator using Op-amp with amplitude stabilization and amplitude control, RC phase shift oscillator
  10. Study of 555 and astable , monostable multivibrator using 555