Faculty in charge : Nithya Francis

Lab in charge : Vineesh K

Advanced Communication Lab provides support for training the students in the area of communication engineering. The circuits performing the analog and pulse modulation schemes are experimented on bread boards. Microwave test bench (Klystron tube) and the dipole antenna setup are the highlights of this lab. Modulation and demodulation in both analog and pulse domain, studying the characteristics of klystron tube and VSWR measurement, plotting the radiation pattern of dipole antenna are some of the important experiments conducted in this lab.



List of Experiments

  1. Delta modulation & demodulation
  2. Sigma delta modulation
  3. PCM using op-amp and DAC
  4. BASK, BPSK,BFSK modulator & demodulator (using analog switch)
  5. Error checking and correcting codes
  6. Microwave experiments
  7. Matlab experiments like MSE estimation of signals, Huffman coding & decoding, implementation of LMS algorithm.