Bridge the Gap programme was conducted for the first semester students in ECE Department from  29/7/2015 to 31/7/2015. The three day programme was scheduled ensuring the interaction of students  with every faculty in the department. The students had opportunity to interact with head of the department and their group tutors.


Two technical talks were conducted on ‘Current Scenario in the Electronics industry’ and ‘Evolution of Electronics’. A  Quiz programme ‘How What Why’ was organized with questions from the areas – GK, Basic Science, Electronics and Company logos. ‘E-Vision’ was a Poster design Competition for the students with the theme ‘Electronics- Yesterday, Today and  Tomorrow’.


A product marketing competition ‘AdZap’ was also arranged. The 3 day programme was concluded with an entertainment session that showcased students talents in various fields. The prizes were distributed by Mr. Paul Ansel V, HOD ECE, to the winners of all competitions.