Albertian Institute of Science and Technology had the privilege to host Univ. Prof. DDr.Gmainer-Pranzl Franz on Feb 2nd 2015. He was welcomed by Rev. Dr. Clement Valluvassery, the Manager.


DDr.Franz Gmainer-Pranzl is a renowned professor and the Director of the Centre for Intercultural Theology and Study on religions in university of Salzburg, Austria. He was born in 1966 in Steyer, Austria. He has double doctorate: one in Philosophy and the other in Theology. He has authored three books and there are over a thousand articles to his credit. His research priority includes Intercultural philosophy, Intercultural Theology and study on religions.


During his one day visit the purple league students of AISAT had a unique opportunity to interact with him personally. After the personal interaction with the purple league students he addressed the second year students of AISAT. He exhorted the students, whatever may be their branch of specialization, they should keep in mind that whatever they study is ultimately for the well being of the society and the people. So they should have and foster a holistic view. Whether one studies medicine, law, politics or technology, the ultimate and fundamental questions like where I come from, where I am going to, what the meaning of my life on earth etc. cannot be eluded. It is important to know the various cultures, world views and approaches not to fall into the mental frame of the frog in the well, he added. His talk was followed by an interactive session in which he patiently cleared the doubts and questions of the students.


The session was really inspiring and provided an in-depth insight on life. Prof. Dr. K.E. George, the Principal, AISAT presented the memento to the chief Guest and Ms. Ruth Abey George of S4 CSE proposed the vote of thanks.