An orientation programme was conducted for the purple league students of AISAT, on 31 January 2015. The full day programme was meant to motivate and inspire the students of purple league. The programme started by 9.30 AM with silent prayer, followed by welcome note by Dr. K E George, the principal. The meeting was presided by Fr. Dr Clement Valluvassery, the manager of AISAT. Prof Dr Babu T Jose, the director of AISAT, addressed the gathering and briefed about the plans for the purple league for the future. In his speech, he promised that  the purple league will be more active on this semester onwards. The Orientation programme was kick-started with the session by Mr SRC Nayar, a renowned motivational speaker and Engineer.

Session 1:   “You too can”


SRC Nayar, a renowned teacher and motivator, lead a heart touching session, which was a sure motivation and energy for the students. Unlike the others, SRC Nayar spoke through examples. Each example was a personality, who had a poor past, a suffering life and through their will power and dedication.

The first example in the speech was Mr Alexis Leon, an Indian software consultant and author, who overcame his disabilities to become a successful and inspiring example. The words from Alexis Leon, “Instead of weeping over the loss, I made an assessment of what is left in me, so that I can build upon it” struck deep into the heart. SRC Nayar also spoke about examples of personalities like Rajan Paul, B Vijayan IPS and Paul Joseph.

Through the speech, Mr SRC Nayar conveyed an important message that “Do the work yourself, if you want to achieve something. Determination is your key. You are your friend and you are your enemy.” The session ended with the vote of thanks by Mr Paul Ansel, Assistant professor & HOD Department of ECE.

Session 2: “Forge Your Future”


The second session of the day was led by Sri V K Krishna Kumar, national trainer JCI India. In his very interactive session, he explained about how to FORGE your future. In the speech, he explained FORGE as Forming, Organizing, Realizing, Grooming and Emerging oneself, which will surely help the students to forge themselves for a shining future. He also taught about the triangle of success.

The session was very interactive with interesting activities which taught valuable lessons. With simple activities, he pointed out the ways through which students could improve their thoughts and perception.


Session 3: “Toast Masters”

Toastmaster Lal Xavier, immediate past Division Governor of Toastmasters international, led a session on Toastmasters. The session, which was specially meant for new members of the purple league, explained the need and importance of joining the Toastmasters International. The session gave an overview of the Toastmasters International and the different activities done by them. The students understood the importance of joining the Toastmasters.


Session 4: “How to inspire through Communication”

The fourth session of the day was led by Toastmaster Jaikumar C Pillai, President of the Travancore Toastmasters club. Though his speech, he explained how to inspire through communication, and role of Toastmaster International in improving the communication skills.

In his speech, he showed a video of a physically disabled man named Nick Fujicic, who travelled around the world to speak with people. The video of Nick, who had no limbs at all, made tears in the eyes of the viewers. Despite all his disabilities, he does fishing, golfing, swimming and he says “I love living life, and I am Happy”, which was awe inspiring.