bsnl inside

An industrial visit was conducted for the S5 students of Electronics and communication department on 16th August  2014.They visited the BSNL head office located near boat jetty,Ernakulam.The students were accompanied by two faculties of electronics department,Dr.Arun joy and Ms.Anju.S.George.

Several important sections of  Telephone communication system like Engine alternator which works during the absence of  KSEB supply,MDF(main distribution frame) where the jumpers are provided for the interconnection,OCB which is the subscriber connecting part,Control stations like SMA,SMX,SMM,SMC,SMT were shown to students.The functions of all these sections were explained in detail by the guides in BSNL office.

The students were able to understand the technicalities behind the placement of a call and gained a deeper insight into this subject.