The nature club, AISAT, organized a most meaningful event on 24th July, by Planting trees at the campus, and thus serving nature and increasing the canopy in the campus. On behalf of the event, a talk on ‘Nature Vs Development’ was conducted with Ms. Zabna A.B from River Research Centre, as the main resource person. Ms. Sreelekha K.V welcomed the gathering. The talk mostly revolved around the modern culture, which exploits and conquers the nature. She mentioned about the different environmental hazards on the go. Then she posed a very important and thought-provoking question ‘Will the proposed developmental activities, lead to the actual development’. The question was validated with examples from the present day development programmes undertaken by the government. She concluded her talk, urging the young generation to be vigilant in conserving the nature. Soon after the talk, Associate Manager, Rev.Fr.Alex Kurisuparambil inaugurated the event by planting a tree. About 150 Trees were planted in and around the AISAT campus. The students and faculties actively participated in the event.

The Nature club conducts various activities every year, so that the students can understand and observe the nature keenly. Planting trees in the campus was with a motive to cultivate the concept of “eco-friendly living” in the campus.