rj insid

The RJ hunt for the AISAT LIVE WIRE 90.3 organized by EACE, the department of electronics and communication was conducted on 15th July 2014 in the seminar hall. AISAT principal Prof. Dr. K E George, vice principal Prof. Vincent K John presided over the event.  Ms. Neena Jeeno and Ms. Anusha were the judges of the event.  27 students from various departments of S5 and S3 participated. The introduction was given by Asst. Prof. Paul Ansel V, HOD of ECE. The participants were given 2 minutes time in which they were to express themselves. Everyone was unique and had a tight competition from which 10 were selected for the second round. In the second round 5 topics were given in common and the participants were given the opportunity to select a topic and speak about it. 6 highly talented and innovative RJ’s were selected. The event got over by 2.30pm.