In a move to create awareness about organ donation and to bridge a gap between the young genre and their social commitments AISAT, ASHWAS centre organized a talk on Organ Donation. AISAT witnessed its most fruitful awareness program on 6th February at the new college auditorium. All the students and faculties eagerly participated in the programme.Programme started with Welcome speech of Principal Dr.K.E.George. Rev.Dr.Clement Valluvassery,Manager,AISAT addressed the gathering.He took the opportunity to congratulate the staff coordinators of ASHWAS for making such a wonderful session a reality. A professional life becomes successful when it aims equally on social welfare along with the personal development,he added.The talk was carried on by Dr.Vasanth Shenoy,PRO and JointSecretary, Society for Organ Retrieval and Transplantation. The one hour session was extremely enlightening and Dr. Vasanth Shenoy well focused on the Cadaver Organ Transplantation and Living Organ Transplantation. The statistics he projected was extremely thought provoking. The number of people struggling with organ-health issues are increasing at an alarming rate, and the amount of donors are reducing day by day. This is a scaring scenario which need to be corrected for human and social welfare. He urged students to realize their major role in building up a positive society where, a person can well evaluate the need of suffering fellow beings. A few newspaper articles were also included in the presentation, and it was an inspiration for the entire community. Application forms for organ donation were also distributed in the function. The programme was extremely beneficial for the students as well as teachers to clarify the misconceptions about Organ Donation.