The Mechanical Engineering Association, FLAME organized workshop on PUMP for the third semester Mechanical students on 13 January 2014 at Hydraulic Machine Laboratory. The guest speaker for the event was Mr. Vipin Kumar. He is now serving as the manager of R&D Electro Mechanical division, involved in research and development of new component and product for the Electro Mechanical product of V-Guard.

Mr. Joseph Antony Titus (Student of Forth semester Mechanical), who rendered the welcome speech and Head of the department Dr.George Sleeba felicitated the gatherings.

The workshop was about pumps. Mr. Vipin Kumar started the class with the different types of pumps and the various applications of pumps in our daily life. He also gave valuable piece of information regarding different parts of pumps and their functions. He concluded with different types of impellers. After the tea break, a live demonstration of various types of pumps and impellers was a new experience. The programme concluded with a closing ceremony.

The vote of thanks was spoken by Anenas Lawrence, Chairman of college Union.