A talk on energy conservation was held at AISAT on 7th January, 2014 at 3.30 in the afternoon. The guest speaker was Mr. Nallin R Pillai, one of the founder members of OEN in India.He has a wide experience of travelling to various countries and has published numerous papers on energy conservation.

The other dignitaries present on dais were Mr. J.J Jacob and Principal, Prof.Dr. K E George, who rendered the welcome speech and introduced Prof. Nallin Pillai.

The theme of the talk was ‘Energy around the globe- One world, one dream, different strategies and sweat more’. He talked about the importance of thinking up new ways and means to preserve the depleting natural resources.

The one hour talk dealt with the usage of various types of energy resources, like Electricity, Solar Power, LNG, CNG, Hydrogen cell, oil and gas, the present usage and wastage rate, and the long term impacts of their indiscriminate use. His talk included the various new methods discovered to preserve such resources, like fracturing to extract oil , mixing of wood with coal to reduce emission, the importance of using electrically powered vehicles over fuel powered ones, the necessity of encouraging solar cells and building of wind power plants on Indian coastal lines.

He illustrated the dire condition of energy depletion using charts that showed alarming rates of energy consumption. He encouraged the students to think differently, to collaborate with each other and to create ideas that would improve the existing appliances like inverter, silicon diodes, vehicle engines etc.

He was presented memento by Rev. Fr. Alex Kurishuparambil.

The vote of thanks was spoken by Anenas Lawrence, Chairman of college Union.