The students and faculties of Electrical and Electronics department visited a charity home,‘Marian Snehabhavan’ at Mamangalam on 12th September. There are 15 inmates in the house of charity,and three sisters with the help of parish members and other noble hearts, are taking care of them. The visit was the first of this kind from college and it was a small footstep towards breeding social commitment in the students.

The students and faculty along with the Principal Dr.K.E.George ,and Associate Manager Rev.Fr.Alex Kurisuparambil, spend some time with them. The students should understand that the world is not just what they see in their classroom,it is much beyond that.The youth today is extremely pessimistic and they could never reconcile to what god had bestowed upon them. The visit was planned with a noble mission to make them feel the suffering and needy people around them. Moreover education should not confine to text book studies alone, it should aim at the overall development of a person. A student have to know that he is obliged to society in a number of ways. Such visits will help students to develop an optimistic approach towards life. For most of the students and faculties this was the first experience and the department plans to arrange more such visits in the future.