A talk was conducted on the topic ‘opportunities in electrical engineering’ by Electrical and Electronics Engineering Association, ‘Lumina’, for the students and parents on 7th September 2013. AISAT Director Dr.Babu.T.Jose welcomed the gathering. Principal Dr.K.E.George introduced the chief guest, Mr. Mohanlal Menon, Deputy General Manager, Cochin refinery.

Mr. Mohanlal Menon started his talk with quotes of great personalities who reaped great heights merely through hard work and whole-hearted dedication. He was also of the opinion that lack of dedication towards the profession and career is the major problems with the youth today. He added that it is the duty of an engineering student to continuously evaluate the opportunities coming up in the various fields of engineering. He explained well in detail about the opportunities in Electrical engineering. He also opined that the upcoming techno-aspirants should be keen researchers, and they should update their information’s daily.

The talk was extremely beneficial for the students and parents to explore the various existing and upcoming opportunities in the engineering profession.