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A one day seminar on “self awareness and life beyond engineering” was conducted for students and faculties on 30th august 2013. Principal Dr. K.E George introduced Dr.Devdas Menon,professor, IIT Madras. He wished that the talk would be extremely beneficial for students to reflect on their duties and develop a better orientation towards life. After the morning one hour session for students the talk continued for the faculties. Rev.Dr.Clement Valluvassery welcomed the gathering , he lighted up the fact that teaching is not just a profession but a vocation. He added that teaching is a compassionate self-dedication. He hoped that all will reflect the ideas imparted in the session.

Prof. Dr. Devdas Menon mentioned that as our college is at its infancy, each and every one should actively contribute to the development of the institution. He also emphasized that our ultimate aim should be to mould up a good human being rather than an engineering graduate. He added that the soil in which we grow is arid and it is the duty of a good teacher to fertilize it well for students. Purpose of every educational institution is to bloom flowers even from a muddy environment. The talk started with a quote from ‘Katha Upanishad’. He pictured that the biggest challenge faced by the youth in India is that they follow the same train bandwagon job,marriage,children. He also added that yet another big problem prevailing is the longing for a better material world. None introspects about who we really are and why we are here. Unique personality of a person is not enlighted in this usual drama of survival.

The various level of knowledge and the need for self-actualization were the topics discussed in the afternoon session. He emphasized the need for a cognitive development through examples and stories. He stressed on the need for an uncorrupted society. He focused the fact that root cause of happiness is hidden within us, and it is our duty to explore it.

The talk ended with  an awe inspiring video, about a lady, who performed an impressive feat of  balancing a set of sticks with a feather, illustrating the need, to keep the balance between various duties, in a hectic life. Ms. Jessy George delivered the vote of thanks.