IMG_5823A talk to promote awareness against cyber crimes and to showcase the importance of anti- ragging policy was conducted in AISAT on the 18th of July, Thursday.The talk was conducted by Mr. Francis Perara, sub Inspector of police, in cyber crimes department, a reputed inspector who has successfully solved many prominent cyber crimes.The workshop started after the welcome speech by the principal, Prof. Dr. K.E. George.

The talk started  with a catchy thought- ‘Safety and security is not a monkey business’. He explained the division of security into two genres, namely Physical and cyber security, beginning with two short anecdotes on how unsupervised internet connections led to the committing of serious crimes. He emphasized on the shocking ease with which an ordinary man could be labeled as an accused, without his knowledge, in the cyber world.

The first session of the talk dealt with the serious issue of ragging. He quoted the Kerala Prohibition act of ragging and outlined the serious repercussions of ragging. Students were made aware of the various sections of law that dealt with the different types of ragging. Mr. Perara stressed on the need to maintain a collective responsibility to ensure a peaceful atmosphere for all the students of an institution. The students were provided with official email IDs and were encouraged to bravely report any instances of offensive behavior.

The second session of the workshop involved the topic of various cyber crimes, prevalent in the society. With examples of shocking news reports and statistics charts which showed alarming rise in crimes, Mr. Perara explained the various types of cyber crimes which were commonly committed. The talk dealt with detailed explanations of various issues like ID hacking, E-commerce cheating, Mobile abuse, subscription fraud, fake relationships through social medias, cyber bullying and cyber stalking. Quoting the anecdotes of various victims of cyber crimes, he emphasized the need to remain vigilant and to hold back from entertaining criminal thoughts in mind among the students. The students were made to say a pledge, making a vow to never indulge in activities which could be potentially dangerous to another person or society.

The talk also included the gradual deterioration of a person, prone to internet and mobile addiction, along with video clippings, showing addicted teens, to underline the seriousness of the issue.

After displaying the various sections of IT act dealing with cyber crimes, the workshop concluded with an inspiring thought-‘the purpose of technology is to elevate man’.