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P&T Cell Monthly Report

October 2019  

  • P & T Cell members met on all working Mondays to plan the ongoing and future P & T cell activities.
  • The following Training was imparted to all placement eligible students by outside agencies:
  • Softskills Training by Sharpskills, Trivandrum on 11/10/2019 & 12/10/2019 from 8: 45 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Aptitude and Interview Etiquettes by The Chopras, Bangalore on 17/10/2019 from 8: 45 am to 4:30 pm.
  • What after B Tech by Place Me, Kochi on 3/10/2019 from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.


Job offer from Speridian Technologies Pvt. Ltd

  1. Anagha Satish, S7 CSE
  2. Marrison D’ Cruz, S7 CSE

Job offer from Sutherland

  4. SNEHA M P, S7 CE
  5. M, S7 CE
  9. VIJIN V CE, S7 CE
  11. ANAMIKA JOJI , S7 CE  
  12. SRUTHY S, S7 CE
  18. RINOY ROY,S7 ME  
  23. NOWRIN A H, S7 ECE
  29. C S SALMA, S7 CSE
  35. ATHIRA P A, S7 CSE
  36. JASNA C J, S7 CSE


  • For the following MNCs/companies/ organizations our students have registered and many have their drive dates scheduled and some have final rounds for shortlisted candidates as under:
  • Wipro NLT Completed, Result Awaited
  • IBSShortlisted 6 students & Final Round on 29/11/2019
  • Cognizant Shortlisted 4 students & Final Round on 8/11/2019
  • Gronne Technologies Pvt. Ltd Placement drive at AISAT on 2/11/2019
  • Daiwik Technologies Pvt. Ltd Placement drive at AISAT on 6/11/2019
  • Mu Sigma Shortlisted 2 students & final round on 16/11/2019
  • CSS Corporation 14/11/2019
  • Litmus 7,  NOVELWORX, COGNICOR,  ALIGNMINDS, TESTVOX Placement drive at AISAT on  8/11/2019
  • Jaro Institute of Technology, Management and Research Pvt.Ltd Placement drive at AISAT on 12/11/2019
  • White Rabbit Shortlisted 5  students &  Final Round on 16/11/2019
  • Aleations Pvt. Ltd. 2 students of ME/CE got scholarship and total 11 students shortlisted.
  • Absyz Pvt. Ltd.
  • Toppr Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Pathpartner Technologies
  • Mindtree
  • Nuedesic Technologies
  • Aabasoft Technologies

 Total 45 students of 2020 batch placed till Oct 2019

 September 2019

  • P & T Cell members met on all working Mondays to plan the ongoing and future P & T cell activities.
  • The campus drive by Mitsogo Technologies Ltd. was conducted on 25/9/2019 & 26/9/2019.One student from S7 ME was shortlisted to the final round scheduled on 1/10/2019.
  • Four days Intensive Training for Wipro campus drive scheduled on 18/10/2019- 20/10/2019 was conducted from 28/9 to 30/9/2019 by FACE, Coimbatore. The Day 4 of training will be on 13/10/2019.
  • The placement statistics & logos of current year was updated and displayed.
  • Workshop on Career Development by Director, Board of Apprenticeship, Chennai  was conducted on 19/9/2019 in Seminar Hall
  • Results of Aptitude test conducted by HIREMEE were displayed.
  • Chris Aron , S7 ECE got selection through UES-19 for SSB – Indain Navy from 31/10/2019- 4/11/2019 at Kolkota.


  1. Reginald Joseph, S7 EEE – Tata Consultancy Solutions. TCS
  • For the following MNCs/companies/ organizations our students have registered and they are listed as under:
  • Wipro
  • IBS
  • Mindtree
  • Speridian Technologies
  • Jaro Institute of Technology, Management and Research Pvt.Ltd
  • Toppr Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Aleations Pvt.
  • Absyz
  • Sutherland
  • Pathpartner Technologies

August 2019

  • P & T Cell members met on all working Mondays to plan the ongoing and future P & T cell activities.
  • P& T cell Activities of S7- 2020 Batch students started on 1/8/2019 as per schedule
  • Sebin Jose attended the  Placement Officers Conference by CTIPS under the sponsorship of JAIN University,Kochi  on 22/8/2019at  Abad Plaza
  • HireMee Conducted Online test for S7 placement eligible students on 29/8/2019 from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm.
  • Mock Interviews for TCS were held for shortlisted students by a panel of members viz, Prof Jose V Mathew, Ms. Jessy George, Ms. Divya Mohan ,Mr. Jeswin Roy D’Couth & Mr. Bipin Sankar on 21/8 and 22/8/2019
  • 2 students of CSE and 1 from EEE qualified TCS-NQT and final interview was held on 23/8/2019. Results are awaited.
  • UES-19 by Indian Navy for SSB selection was conducted on 29/8/2019. 1 student each from CSE & ECE attended.
  • Aptitude training for S7 Placement eligible students was conducted on 30/8/19 and 31/8/2019 by Synergens  Pvt. Ltd.
  • P& Cell has decided to collect Rs. 300 for students as share towards the cost of training activities by outside agencies.Deadline for submission was fixed as 31/8/2019.
  • Special Uniform Material for placement cell members is available with college Stationery store– (Shirt in Full sleeve) to be purchased and report in the special uniform on 19/9/2019.
  • Any student who is not a member of the cell was given an opportunity to rejoin or join the cell by providing a request from parent’s, student’s and Department through Faculty Advisor, HoD, P&T Cell Dept coordinator forwarded to Dy. Director of P&T Cell on or before 21/8/2019.
  • 7 new students from ME Joined P& T Cell and also, 4 students of ME , 4 v CE  and 1 from CSE rejoined after completing the procedure as instructed.
  • The scheduled training on 5/5/2019 is postponed due to request from Infy Academy, Kochi.

July 2019

  • P & T Cell members met on all working Mondays to plan the ongoing and future P & T cell activities.
  • It has been decided to address all S7 students by Prof. Jose V Mathew department wise on or before 2/8/2019
  • Ashna Joseph attended the KPIT– Sparkle 2020 Awareness Campaign sponsored by CTIPS on 19/7/2019.
  • AISAT Registered with Triedge on 22/7/2019 for future Placements
  • The complete Training programme Scheule for S7 eligible students was published on 26/7/2019.


  1. Maria Sumi, S8 CSE – TCS
  2. Gokul Manoj, S8 ME- Aspirations Energy Ltd
  3. Christo P Varghese- Aspirations Energy Ltd
  4. Peter Tom Angel- Decathlon Sports India
  5. Sifna P.A, S8 CE – Keller Constuctions, Dubai
  6. Merin babu, S8 CE- Navabharath Insulation
  7. Aleena Mary Varghese, S8 CE- Reubro International
  8. Swathy Vipin Chandran, S8 ECE- Reddys Foundation
  9. Sreekanth M.S , S8 ECE – Innostus Inc.
  10. Mahammed Ashfaque, S8 ME- Selection in Film & TV Institute, Pune
  11. Gopika C.L- Selection in Kerala State Civil Servics Coaching Academy

 Placement for 2020 Batch started: Registration and Test procedure in progress in the following industries:

  • Indian Nay
  • Infy- For Infosys
  • KPIT- Sparkle 2020
  • Placement Statistics (2019 Batch):

79 % students are placed and  106 % job offers received till date

June 2019

  • P & T Cell members met on all working Mondays to plan the ongoing and future P & T cell activities.
  • P& T Cell conducted Laurel-’19– A function to distribute the offer letters issued by industries where 2019 batch students are placed on 13/5/2019 with Very Rev. Msgr. Mathew Kallinkal, Vicar General Archdiocese of Verapoly as the chief guest.
  • Ashna Joseph was given the charge to coordinate ME dept P& T Cell activities as Mr. Calixtus Vincent resigned off from AISAT on 30/4/2019 and Mr. Jayesh Johnson of ME took charge from 10/5/2019


E2E Telecom Services Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Mr. SOURABH VINOD         – S8 EEE
  2. Mr. NITHIN PM                     – S8 ECE
  3. Mr. ALAN ANTU                  – S8 ME
  4. Mr. MUHAMMED IQBAL    – S8 ME
  5. Mr. VINEETH P R                 – S8 ME

Right Soft Options Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Ms.Celine Riya Joseph           – S8 EEE
  2. Mr Rakesh T K                       – S8 CSE
  3. Mr Emmanuel                         – S8 CSE

Zerone Consultancy

  1. Mr Edison Tom                      – S8 CSE

Support Sages

  1. Ms.Aryasree A.R – S8 EEE

May 2019

There are a few drives in which students are shortlisted for their final interview after the ongoing University Exams. They are:

  • Mind Tree
  • Blue Horizon
  • Vertusa Technologis
  • Kaldieoscope
  • Vee technologies
  • Delightful Gourmet
  • Forgent Technologies
  • TCS-NQT- NINJA 2019
  • Cognizant
  • LIC -Development officer
  • Apart from the above placement activities for 2019 batch the following opportunities are opened for 2020 Batch
  • Infosys TQ- Registration Open
  • Indian Navy- UES 2020- Registration Open

Placement Statistics:

77.1 % students are placed and 101.4% job offers received till date

April 2019

  • P & T Cell members met on all working Mondays to plan the ongoing and future P & T cell activities.
  • P& T Cell conducted 2 days intensive soft skill training by Sharp Skills, Trivandrum on 26.4.2019 & 27.04.2019 ( Friday & Saturday) for S6 eligible students of all branches. The programme was well received by students.
  • Indaatitin to the above training regular in house trainings were conducted on all working Thursdays for S6 students.
  • Recruitment drive by Right Soft Options and online test by Hire me( Sona Group) were organized in AISAT for S8 students of all branches. The details of the drive and additional recruitment drives  conducted for 2019 Batch during the month are listed below &  results are awaited.
  • UST Global -11.04.2019
  • Right Soft Options – 29/4/2019 (9 shortlisted; Final Result Awaited)
  • Cameron Manufacturing India Pvt Ltd – 29/4/2019
  • Loermine Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – 30/4/2019
  • Hire Me( Sona Group)- Online Test on 10/4/2019


The following students got placement offer from the organizations/ companies listed below:

Cranes Software International Ltd.

  • Aryasree A.R, S8 EEE
  • Maria Sumi KS, S8 CSE
  • Haritha J Puthur, S8 ECE

Upcoming Drives:

  • Indian Army- To register in or before 9/5/2019
  • Fingent Technologies- 2/5/2019
  • Licious – Date to be announced
  • Virtusa Corporations Pvt. Ltd- 7/5/2019

March 2019

  •  P & T Cell members met on all working Mondays to plan the ongoing and future P & T cell activities.
  • The following recruitment drives were conducted for 2019 Batch during the month and results are awaited.
  • Cranes Varsity – 27/2/2019 (Result Awaited) 
  • ZeroneConsulting Pvt. Ltd- ( 4 students shortlisted)


The following students got placement offer from the organizations/ companies listed below:

Cognizant (CTS)

  • Kiran N , S8 CSE
  • Aleena Johnson , S8 CSE

Zeta Softwares

  • Jibin Mathew, S8 CSE
  • Roshan Sabu, S8 CSE
  • Vivek Sasi, S8 CSE

Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited

  • Amal Alex, S8 ME

Upcoming Drives:

  • Jaro Final Round –2/4/2019
  • Litmus 7- 1/4/2019
  • Redeemer Technologies Pvt. Ltd.- 4/4/2019
  • Aabasoft- Date to be fixed

Cameron Manufacturing India Pvt Ltd – A Schlumberger CompanyDate to be fixed

FEB 2019

 P & T Cell members met on all working Mondays to plan the ongoing and future P & T cell activities.

  • PHP technical Training session by Infy Academy for 2016-2020 Batch was conducted from 12/2/2019 – 14/2/2019. The same was also done for 2019 batch. A certification test by Infy academy was also conducted on 14/2/2019 for both batches.
  • A session on ‘ What after B. Tech’ by IMS , Kochi was held on 21/2/2019 for S6 placement eligible students (2016-2020 Batch).
  • Aptitude training by CL Educate Pvt Ltd.for 2016-2020 Batch was conducted on 22/2/2019& 23/2/2019
  • The following recruitment drives were conducted for 2019 Batch during the month and results are awaited.
  • Cranes Varsity – 27/2/2019 (Result Awaited)
  • ZeroneConsulting Pvt. Ltd- 4/2/2019 ( 4 students shortlisted)
  • SHRIRAMTRANSPORT Ltd.- 25/2/2019 (Result Awaited)
  • Byju’s Learning App- 28/2/2019 ( 3 shortlisted from AISAT)
  • CTS- Test conducted on 9/2/19 and 5 got shortlisted from AISAT. Interview to be scheduled on 15 th March


  • Andrea Babu, S8 CE- Amazon
  • Ms Amala Ann Maria, S8 ECE-  Bibox Labs Pvt. Ltd
  • Mr Harikrishnan, S8 ECE-  Bibox Labs Pvt. Ltd
  • Tony Francis, S8 ECE-  Bibox Labs Pvt. Ltd
  • Modesty T. J, S8 ECE-   Bibox Labs Pvt. Ltd
  • Mr Ashik V.A, S8 ECE-   Bibox Labs Pvt. Ltd
  • Aarathi Rajagopal Nair, S8 CSE-  Bibox Labs Pvt. Ltd

Sutherland- Non Voice Selection

  • Linda John, S8 CSE
  • Nourin Fathima, S8 CSE
  • Heera Susan John, S8 ME
  • Gopika CL, S8 CE
  • Gayathri S, S8 CSE
  • Amala Ann Maria, S8 ECE
  • Sharon Dcruz, S8 CSE
  • Aleena Varghese, , S8 CSE
  • Mattam Joseph George, S8 ME
  • Franshee Francis, S8 ECE
  • Aleena Tojo , S8 ECE
  • Ebin VF, S8 ME
  • Anu Eldo, S8 CE
  • Sifna PA, S8 CE
  • Sreelakshmi TS, S8 CE
  • Jeena Thomas, S8 ECE
  • SaurabhVinod, S8 EEE
  • Amal Alex, S8 ME
  • Kishan Marshal, S8 ME
  • Mary Rinsia, S8 CSE
  • Aleeda Maria, S8 ECE
  • Maria Antony, S8 CSE
  • Celine Riya Joseph, S8 EEE
  • Tony Francis,  S8 ECE
  • Roshan Sabu, S8 CSE
  • Amal Alfred antony, S8 EEE
  • Anthakrishnan G, S8 CE
  • Greeshma George, S8 CSE
  • Deepak V.S, S8 ME
  • Christo P Varghese, S8 ME
  • Akhil Vincen, S8 ME
  • Joval Johnson, S8 ME

Upcoming Drives:

  • Jaro – 6/3/2019
  • CTS ( Final Interview Round)- 15/3/19

January 2019

  • P & T Cell members met on all working Mondays to plan the ongoing and future P & T cell activities.
  • The Training Activity for 2016-2020 Batch commenced on 31/1/2019. Election of student representatives from each department to P & T Cell was also conducted
  • The following recruitment drives were conducted during the month and results are awaited.
  • Cyient Limited
  • Support Sages
  • High Peak Software Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tessolve Semiconductor Company 
  • Muziris Softtech


  • Rohan Paul, S8 CSE- IBS Software Services Pvt. Ltd
  • Ms Aleena Johnson , S8 CSE-  Poornam Info Vision Pvt. Ltd
  • Mr Anantharaman , S8 CSE-  Poornam Info Vision Pvt. Ltd
  • Rahul Jacob, S8 CSE-   Poornam Info Vision Pvt. Ltd

Upcoming Drives:

  • 6D Technologies– 1/2/2019
  • Amazon- 5/2/2019
  • Bibox Labs Pvt. Ltd. – 6/2/2019
  • Shriram Transport Finance- 7/2/2019
  • Cognizant- 9/2/2019

December 2018

  • P & T Cell Faculty Members met on all working Mondays at 10: 50 am to plan the ongoing and future P & T cell activities.
  • Only a few campus recruitments were conducted during the month due to the ongoing University examinations and Christmas vacation.
  • Four students of AISAT got job offer from Wipro Ltd. The placed students are listed under Achievements .
  • Five Students of S7 CE and 2 from S7 ME cleared UES-2018 . They have to clear SSB (held between Feb- April 2019) for entry to Indian Navy
  • Visa & Travel Programme schedule for the Internship by Shimane University, Japan for the selected S5 CSE students viz, Mr Ritwik Deepa & Mr. Joyal Sebstian is from 19/1/2019 to 4/2/2019. The whole expenses are sponsored by the University. Only 12 students are selected for the programme from Kerala.

Upcoming Drives:

  • Advenser Engg: Services Ltd.- Jan 2019
  • POPULAR Vehicles & Services Ltd.- Jan 2019
  • IBS Technologies – 25/1/2019
  • Support Sages- 25/1/2019
  • Mu Sigma Technologies- Jan 2019
  • High Peak Softwares Ltd.- 26/1/2019 & 27/1/2019
  • Cyient Ltd.- 11/1/2019
  • Reliance Industries Ltd.- Date to be scheduled
  • American Express Ltd.- Date to be scheduled
  • Zeta Softwares Ltd..- Date to be scheduled
  • Absyz Technologies- Date to be scheduled
  • Amazon Limited- Date to be scheduled


Job Offers from Wipro Limited:

  • Mr. Amal Alfred antony, S7 EEE
  • Ms. ShronDcruz– S7 CSE
  • Ms.Gayathri S -S7 CSE
  • Mr. Rahul Jacob — S7 CSE.

Selection to SSB by Indian Navy

  • Ms.Gopika C L- S7 CE
  • Ms.Sifna P A- S7 CE
  • Ms.Devapriya S – S7 CE
  • Ms. Meera Krishna – S7 CE
  • Ms. Kavya Shanu- S7 CE
  • Ms. Heera Susan – S7 ME
  • Mr. Gokul Manoj – S7 ME

November 2018

  • P & T Cell members met on all workingMondays to plan the ongoing and future P & T cell activities.
  • MrJoyalSebastin and MrRitwikDeepa both from S5 CSE  are selected for Internship in JAPAN from Jan-2019  by SHIMANE UNIVERSITY with 100% scholarship including travel .
  • Recruitment Drive by VVDN Technologies Pvt Ltd. was conducted for S7 EEE and ECE students on 21/11/2018. But nonegot selection.
  • National Level Test by Wipro Ltdwas on 16.11.2018 for S7 placement eligible students of all branches. Five students (4 from CSE and 1 from EEE) got shortlisted for Interview on 4/12/2018.
  • Placement drive by Hexaware Technologiesfor S7 ECE and CSE students was on 19.11.2018But only one could make out to the final round but got eliminated towards the last.
  • Recruitment Drive by Sutherland was held on 27/11/2018 at AISAT . 11 students got placement offer from Sutherland.
  • Three Students of S7 CE cleared UES-2018 . They are eligible for SSB for Indian Navy held between Jan- April 2019.

Upcoming Drives:

  • Gbox Technologies Ltd.(II Round)- 3/11/2018
  • JaroInstitute of Technology, Management and Research Pvt. Ltd. (CTC: 12.02 Lakhs p.a) – 3/11/2018
  • Wipro Ltd (Final Round)- 04/12/2018
  • IBS- Final Round- Date Not confirmed


Job Offers from Sutherland:

  • Ms. Modesty TJ- S7 ECE
  • Mr. Sidharth T Joseph — S7 ECE ,
  • Mr.Vishnu Suresh –S7 EEE,
  • Ms. Heera Susan — S7 ME
  • Ms. ReetaJojo- S7 CE
  • Ms. Andrea Babu — S7CE,
  • Ms. ShronDcruz– S7 CSE
  •  Ms. Neha Sam– S7 CSE
  • Ms. ArathyRajagopal– S7 CSE
  • Ms. Melinda Don Seemanthy– S7 CSE
  • Mr.P AndrsonBritto — S7 CSE.


  • MrJoyalSebastin–S5 CSE
  • MrRitwikDeepa–S5 CSE

October 2018

 P & T Cell members met on all working Mondays to plan the ongoing and future P & T cell activities.

  • Placement Training session on Aptitude was held on 6 /10/2018 and 7/10 2018 (Saturday & Sunday) by FACE, Bangalore for placement eligible students of all branches .
  • One more intensive training session on Soft-Skills was held on 26 /10/2018 and 27/10 2018(Friday & Saturday ) by Sharp Skills, Trivandrum for placement eligible students of all branches .
  • Selected Students of S5 (2 students) and S7 CSE (4 students)  had interview by Shimane University. , Japan on 29/10/2018 at AOTS Nippon kerala.
  • 5 students from CSE got selection to the final interview of  IBS SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS in the

 placement drive conducted on 13th October at RSET. They are Ms Gayathri S,  Ms. Aleena Johnson, Mr. Rahul Jacob, Ms. Sharon D cruz, Mr. Rohan Paul from S7  CSE

Upcoming Drives:

  • Mitsogo Technologies Pvt. Ltd- 1/11/2018
  • Gbox Technologies Ltd.(I Round)- 2/11/2018
  • Sutherland Global Services Pvt. Ltd- 27/11/2018
  • IBS- Final Round- Date Not confirmed 


  1. Alex Mathew, S7 CSE- Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS)


  • Rawdata Technologies @ AISATRawdata Technologies conducted campus recruitment drive at AISAT on 26/2/2018. Six students of S8 CSE are shortlisted.
  • Ms. Sruthy Narayanan of S8 EEE received  placement offer from Asimov Robotics on the in-house  drive on 30 th Jan 2018.
  • Ms. Devi Padmanabhan  of S8 CSE received  placement offer from  Entero Software Solutions Pvt.Ltd
  • Hearty Congratulations to Ms. Marteena Roy S8 ECE and Ms. Sandra of S8 CE for bagging placement offer from AGILE BUSINESS CONSULTANCY PVT LTD, UAE. 
  • Hearty Congratulations to Mr. Jyothis V James of S8 CSE for receiving  Placement offer from  POORNAM INFOVISION Pvt. Ltd.
  • Recruitment Drive by Unicom ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Unicom ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd drive was conducted on 22/1/2018 at AISAT. Mr. Renold Xavier, S8 CSE got job offer.
  • Think N Learn, Bangalore @ AISAT
  • An in-house pooled drive by Think N Learn, Bangalore was conducted on 5/1/2018. Two of our students Ms SATHYALAKSHMI V , S8 CE & Ms. FARZANA V A, S8 CE got the job offer with 7 Lakhs per annum CTC.
  • Campus Drive by Sutherland Global services Pvt. Ltd

Recruitment by Sutherland Global services Pvt. Ltd was conducted at AISAT on 12/1/2018 for all final year students. 13 AISATians got job offers.

  1. SANDRA, S8 CE
  8. FARZANA V A , S8 CE
  10. GOUTHAM, S8 ME
  • NIMO Planets conducted placement drive  at AISAT for s8 EEE, ECE & CSE students on 31/1/2018.
  • Factweavers, Kochi conducted a pooled drive at AISAT on 23 /1/ 2018 and the final round for the shortlisted candidates is scheduled on 6 th February at their office
  • AISAT students bagged offer letters from Spectrum Soft-Tech Solutions  Pvt Ltd, Mr. Toshy Job and Ms. Athira P.V  of S8 ECE & Mr. Tashin Thomas and Ms Ruth Abey George both of S8  CSE are selected students.
  •  The recruitment drives of Attees Info tech, Logic Software Solutions, Geniocode Innovations Pvt. Ltd, Appzoc Technologies Pvt. Ltd were held  at AISAT and the final rounds are awaited for all the above with 25  students shortlisted.
  • On 18, January, 2017, Sutherland recruitment drive was held at AISAT and 38 students got job offer letters.
  • The online test of Spectrum Pvt. Ltd was held for all branches on different days in the month of January. A total of 110 students attended the same.
  • 32 Students attended the drive by Ociuz Technologies on 30,January,2017 at Thejus College of Engineeering, 17 of AISATians cleared the first round.
  • The Training Activity for 2014-2018 Batch commenced on 24, January, 2017.Election of student representatives from each department to P & T Cell was also conducted
  • A talk on Job Opportunities In Atomic Energy was held for 2013-2017 batch by P & T Cell on 31-1-2017 from 2 p.m. The programme was led by Dr. B. BABU, Senior Scientific Officer and Head of Division, Indira Gandhi Centre of Atomic Research. This was followed by a seminar on “Overseas Job and Education opportunities” by Ms. Naziya Yusuff, Head,  Education & Training can Approve Immigration.
  • The final results of Geniocode Innovations Pvt. Ltd, CSS CORPORATION recruitment drive were announced and 6 students got job offer letters. The following is the list of successful candidates.
  1. Revathy K. R. ( S8, ECE) – Geniocode Innovations Pvt.
  2. Sangeetha M ( S8, CSE)- CSS CORPORATION
  3. Ross Antony Pattara ( S8, CSE)- CSS CORPORATION
  4. Neethu Thomas ( S8, CSE)- CSS CORPORATION
  5. Allen John ( S8, CSE)- CSS CORPORATION
  6. Vinay Joel ( S8, CSE)- CSS CORPORATION
  • The screening test of Softshore technologies was held on 13, February, 2017.Two students of ME were shortlisted for the final round.
  • The first round of DRIZEE SOFTTECH was held at AIM on 21, February, 2017. Out of 60 students participated, 46 were shortlisted to the final round .
  • Apart from the regular in-house training activities, the Training Activity by Trinity Skill works was conducted on 18 and 19 , February, 2017 ( Saturday & Sunday) for 2014-2018 Batch (S6) eligible students.
  • 62 students of CE and ME registered for National Council for Technology and Training for ‘C’ Prize / ‘Mech’ Prize scholarship. The exam for the same is fixed to be conducted on 7, March 2017 at AISAT.
  • On 21- 12-2016 a recruitment drive of KAAR Technologies which was held at RSET, Raveena Ravikumar of S7 CSE was selected for a salary package of 5 Lakhs/ annum. Congratulation to Ms. Raveena.
  • On 21 st Dec 2016 AISAT P & T Cell conducted two recruitment drives in tie-up with ‘Bag Your Jobs’.
    • The in- house drive of Appzoc Technologies Pvt. Ltd for CSE, shortlisted 10 students of AISAT out of 11 in total.
    • In the placement drive of Geniocode Innovations Pvt. Ltd 10 students was shortlisted out of which we represent 3 from ECE.

For the above two drives the final interviews are scheduled during the second week of January 2017.A total of 134 students ( 95- Geniocode Innovations Pvt. Ltd  & 39- Appzoc Technologies Pvt. Ltd) participated from  5  Engineering Colleges.

  • Placement Statistics of First Batch of AISATians

A total of 124 job offers excluding UES were obtained for the first batch (2012-2016) that is, 110 % on eligible students . During the month of June students received job offers from NEST, Accel Frontline, Geo Structurals Pvt. Ltd., Cabot Technologies, AISAT, Advenser Engg. Services Pvt. Ltd and PACE.

  • Training activities for 2013-17 batch getting on pace

Various In-house training activities are conducted for the students under the placement and Training Cell functioning in the college. A few recent activities includes..

  • Konfidence Team on Aptitude – 6 Th Aug  2016 (Saturday) & 7 th Aug  (Sunday)
  • Trinity Skill works on Communication Skills , Professional Etiquette and Grooming on 20 th Aug (Saturday)and 21 st Aug 2016 (Sunday).
  • The Chopras on General Aptitude and Interview Tips on 23 rd Aug and 26 th August 2016.
  • PRAXIS Knowledge Solutions on Career Goal Setting- 6th September 2016 & 20th September 2016

EXACT  Corporation Enterprises Ltd. on Pleasure of being Interviewed- 27th September 2016

  • Two-day Training program by KONFIDENCE TEAM

               A two-day placement oriented training program was conducted for the 2017 batch of AISAT on 6th and 7th of August 2016.A total of 117 students participated for the training out of the 126 registered students.  The workshop was designed to provide them with a toolkit to solve problems faster and improve their test taking strategies .The training program covered the following aspects like, Discussion on the Importance of Aptitude Preparations, Quantitative Ability, Analytical Reasoning and Logical Thinking & Data Interpretation Quantitative Ability.


               AISAT students bagged a dream job offer from THINK N LEARN in the placement drive held on 6th August 2016 held at AISAT.  Out of 30 students placed from 250 students who came from different colleges of kerala ,10 are AISATians.Out of 30 selected students ,7 are directly placed (2 students from AISAT)and remaining students has to undergo 3 months internship and if satisfied will be absorbed.The package after internship is Rs.50,000/-CTC per month.

  • AWARENESS SESSION ON TCS CODEVITA An interactive session was carried out by TCS on 21st July, 2016 for students of S7 from all the branches. The session as carried out by Mr.Ousephachchan where he introduced us to various disciplines of TCS – travel technical, health life etc and gave a brief description about TCS.
  • On-Campus Drive by Sutherland Global Services

SutherlandOn- Campus drive by Sutherland Global Services, Kochi was held on 29th Feb 2016 exclusively for AISAT. 81 students participated in the drive. Out of which 20 students bagged an offer letter.

  • On – campus drive by Zeta Softwares 

 On – campus drive by Zeta Softwares  was held on 17th March 2016 exclusively for AISATians. Zeta Softwares was introduced by our Principal Dr. K E George. The final round of the drive was held at their office. Riya Jolly (S8 CSE) and V C Pailymon (S8CSE) bagged offer letter after qualifying the various rounds of selection process.

  • Campus drive at AISAT   

Zeta Software India Pvt.Ltd is organizing a placement drive at AISAT on 17th March 2016. The recruitment is for the posts of Implementation Engineer,  Marketing Engineer & Programming Engineer. There will be a final interview for the finally shortlisted candidates at their main office on a later date. 20 students from every discipline is facing the recruitment process on the very day.

  •  AISATians bagged offer letter from HCL 

HCL TalentCare is the newest business venture of HCL Corporation, the parent company of HCL Technologies Ltd and HCL Infosystems. 21 students of AISAT (1st Batch, 2012-2016) participated in HCL Talent Care Recruitment which was held on 25th February (Thursday) 2016 at Sree Narayana Gurukulam College of Engineering Kadayiruppu. 10 out of 21 students cleared the 1st phase which consisted of a detailed online test aimed at finding the “Jobability Quotient” or “JQ” of the candidate. This was followed by the shortlisted students being interviewed in the 2nd phase and 8 students got selected.

  • AISATians bagged HCL job offers

HCL-Logo-Blue-copyIn the placement drive held on 25th February, 8 students from AISAT received placement offers with their excellent performance. DEVIKA P V and KRIPA VARGHESE (EEE), BRINDA GEORGE , MEENU MATHEW,JERRIN JOSEPH,ARUN JOHNSON (ECE), SILPA A B,IRENE MARY BOSE (CSE) are the SELECTED students .

  • Placement drive of Absyz Software Consulting pvt. LTD at AISAT

absyzAISAT  organized the placement drive of Absyz software consulting PVT.LTD in the campus on 19th feb 2016. The drive was a great success and six students were placed , receiving an offer letter the same day. Shet Radhika, Jojan P Joseph, Krishnapriya, Anjaly Devaraj, Susmitha Josephine and Richu Norman all from the department of Computer Science Engineering students who received an offer letter

  • KAAY-LABS recruitment drive at AISAT

KaayLabsAISAT hosted the recruitment drive of KAAY-LABS, Chennai on 13th February 2016. Students from various colleges attended the selection process. AISAT students bagged 7 placement offers from the total 10 offers. Meenu Mathew (ECE), James Emmanual (EEE), Catherine K.G (CSE), Susmitha Josephine (CSE), Effin Jolly (CSE), &Steffy Peter (CSE) are the selected candidates.

  • Training programme by Konfidence Team

KonfidenceA training programme on ‘Professional & Clinical Approach to Aptitude Tests (Quantitative, Logical & Verbal Ability)’ was conducted for the sixth semester students on 6th and 7th February. The programme was of extreme benefit for the students to get an opening to how to face aptitude questions.

  • AISATians placed in Home Credits India Finance LTD.

Home CreditThree of our students got a placements offer as marketing heads in Home credits India Finance LTD on 8-2-16. Arjun Sankar, Arun Benedict & James Emmanuel, all from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department are the students who grabbed the job.

  • Two students bagged a job in Nucleus properties

np-popup-logoIn a placement drive held by Nucleus properties for the Civil Engineering students on 2-2-16, Ahammed Kabeer and Devdas E of Civil Engineering Department of AISAT bagged a placement offers.

  • AISAT Students for AMIPL

ami_logoThe initial phase of the placement drive of AMIPL for S8 students (1st Batch, 2012-2016) was conducted at Albertian Institute of Science and Technology on 10th November 2015 and 9 students were selected for the second phase. The 2nd phase of placement drive (AMIPL) was conducted on 03 February 2016.(Wednesday). The pool recruitment drive was held at SreeNarayanaGurukulam College of Engineering Kadayiruppu

  • In-House Training Programme for 2017 batch students

The selection of students and in-house training for the sixth semester,2017 batch students was held at AISAT on 2nd February 2016. The students were given talks about Group Discussion tips, Resume preparation and Aptitude testsby the placement and Training Cell AISAT.

  • Workshop on Android

One-day workshop on Android was conducted for the sixth semester B.Tech students on 30th January,2016. Android, which is the basic operating tool for mobile application, is the need of the present generation. The workshop was handled by STEPS, T&D wing of Spectrum.

  • Two students from AISAT received job offer from LIBRA Engineering works

AISAT placement statistics is showing an excellent boom, with again two from the eligible bunch getting placed in LIBRA Engineering works. Mehel Thomas (S7 ME) & Varun K Mohan (S7 ME) have already received a job offer from LIBRA Engineering works.

  • AISAT Students awaiting the test results of Doodle Blue and Media Systems India

doodleblue-profile           AISAT students took part in recruitment drives by Doodle Blue Innovations Ltd. and Media Systems India. The level 2 of Doodle Blue drive was held on 30 th Dec 2015. Four students attended MediaSys_logothe same. The final round of the above said companies are postponed due the ongoing university examinations.

  • AISATians Placed in Sutherland Global Services

AISAT students have bagged an excellent placement offer letter from Sutherland Global Services. Derry Joseph (ece), Sanjeed Salam (ECE), AnilaAndrew (EEE), AnishSoman (EEE), &Binoy Bernard (EEE) are the students who received an offer letter.

  • AISAT Computer centre hosted recruitment test of the companies

AISAT offers an excellent platform for online tests and interviews with efficient online /internet facilities on board. Already college has conducted a few online examinations in this regard. The following companies’ recruitment tests took place in AISAT computer Centre.


Doodle Blue Innovations Ltd.

Atees Solutions Media Ltd.

  • AISAT students registered in Confederation of Indian Industries 

ciiIndia Skills Report 2016 registration was done for Confederation of Indian Industries on 5th and 8th of 2015. S7 Students of all branches registered for the same and an online test was conducted after registration and certificates were issued.

  • Training Programme for students shortlisted for Naval Recruitment

Special training by Col. Kuriakose A.I of Cavalier Academy was delivered on 27th Oct 2015 to students short listed for naval recruitment drive. The training programme was extremely useful in gathering brisk knowledge about the Naval Recruitment requirements.

  • AISAT Students bagged placement offer from Experion Technologies and Procsys Technologies

           AISAT students received placement offer from Experion Technologies and Procys Technologies.Ann Davisand AlsafKN received placement offer from Experion Technologies.


As the placement drives are in its high pace AISAT students bagged three offer letters from UST GLOBAL. Andrew Thankachan, Arjun Prakash & Aswin Mathew of the Mechanical branch won the placement offer in the placement drive held on 28th of October 2015

  • AISAT Hosted First Phase of Naval Recruitment

AISAT hosted the first phase of naval recruitment on 28th October 2015. Students from about 6 colleges participated in the series of test and interviews. Among the 21 students shortlisted for SSB AISAT Students accounts to be around 10 in number.

  • Indian Navy to conduct the First selection Process at AISAT 

The Indian Navy has decided to choose AISAT as the venue for the first selection process for their recruitment that is scheduled to be on 28th October 2015. AISAT students with candidates from around the state will attend the India Navy’s First selection process on the respective date.

  • ‘THE HINDU’ newspaper at subsidized rate (date: 13/10/2015)

‘THE HINDU’ newspaper will be issued for the selected students of AISAT for a week with an aim of improvising their communication skills as well as dailies reading appetite.

  • AISAT students won ITC Infotech placement offer  (date: 11/10/2015)

Six students from AISAT bagged a placement offer from ITC Infotech.

  • AISAT bags placement offer from IBS

On 17th and 18th Sep 2015, 19 final year students from ECE, CSE and EEE having 70% aggregate with no active backlogs attended campus drive at MACFAST, Thiruvalla for IBS solutions. Out of which 7 cleared Aptitude round , 5  the GD round and 2 finally placed. Ms. Minnu Shaji, S7 ECE and Ms. Mamatha Vishal , S7 CSE received job offers from IBS with a remuneration of 3.3 Lakhs per annum.

  • AISAT Placement Cell with ‘Mock Selection Process’

One day ‘Mock Selection Process’ was conducted by C L Educate Ltd, Kochi on 19th Sep,2015 Saturday. Out of 87 students participated from all the branches, 42 students cleared the online aptitude test with cut off set at 30%. The selected students were divided into 4 groups and GD was conducted for them. From the group discussion round 10 students were selected for the personal interview. The Mock Selection process was aimed at equipping students to face a screening process.

  • Talk on How to face interview’

A session on ‘How to face interview’ was conducted by Your Wings Bangalore on 16th September 2015 with Mr. P V Sreekanth as the resource person. The main aim of the program was to make the students understand the tactics of an interview session.

  • Awareness Programme on competitive exams and ‘Overseas Education and Job Opportunities’

Awareness on competitive exams (GMAT, GRE, IELTS, SAT, GATE) was given along with ‘how to prepare resume’ by IDP Education (I) Pvt. Ltd. Ms. Haripriya P was the resource person. A seminar on ‘Overseas Education and Job Opportunities’ by RIYA Education, Kochi was held on the same day with Mr. Sabari Kishore as the resource person. As the students have billions of new opportunities to craft a well-supported career, this was a guideline for such promising AISATians.