Mechanical Engineering

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To create competent industry ready engineers familiar with current and emerging global civil engineering issues, and having an understanding of ethical and social responsibilities


Mechanical Engineering is one of the most versatile branches in the entire spectrum of engineering disciplines. A degree course in this branch equips the student in specialized areas such as machine design, thermal engineering, fluid mechanics and turbo-machinery, air conditioning and refrigeration, manufacturing services, industrial engineering etc. This course prepares the student to fit in a variety of jobs with widely different job requirements.

The potential of the course in mechanical engineering can be understood from the number of additional branches that have emerged from it. While production engineering is a specialization of mechanical engineering itself, branches such as automobile, aeronautical or marine engineering are specializations easily adopted by a graduate in mechanical engineering. Production engineering teaches all basic mechanical engineering courses in the earlier semesters but gives more emphasis for courses in management, manufacturing methodologies, metro-logy and mechanical measurements and plant maintenance in the final four semesters.

There are numerous career options beckoning the Mechanical Engineer

  • Public and private sector undertakings

  • Central & state government departments

  • Military, defense and R&D undertakings

  • Automobile, refrigeration & aircraft industries

  • Power, space Research and energy sectors

  • Emerging areas like robotics, computer-aided design & manufacturing, biotechnology, nanotechnology etc.

A recent trend among mechanical engineers is to acquire a post graduate qualification in Management from Institutions of repute to garner the majority of very highly paid jobs in various Industrial ventures and Multi-National Companies at a very young age.

For students who have an aptitude for working with mechanical gadgets, models and toys, who are willing to work on different types of engines and machinery and for those on the look out for a colorful and fulfilling career, Mechanical Engineering is the right choice.