AISAT Alumni Association (AAA)

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AISAT Alumni Association (AAA) initiated in June 2016 is a non-profit independent society formed for alumni of Albertian Institute of Science & Technology which aims to provide a platform through which the alumni, staff, faculty, and students of AISAT can interact with each other for mutual benefit. AAA facilitates and inspires alumni to contribute towards improvements in the status of AISAT in academics, infrastructure, and industry interactions.


Ø  To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction among alumni, the present students, the staff and the management of AISAT.

Ø  Actively and constructively contribute to alma-mater as a global ambassadors.

Ø  Bring together the alumni under a common platform.

Association Membership:

The Association shall have the following categories of members:

  1. Life Member: The following shall be a Life Member:
    • An alumnus/alumna, who has received course completion certificate and paid the subscription as prescribed by the General Council for Life Membership.
  2. Associate Member: The following shall be an affiliated Member
    • A faculty who have served the institute for at least three years.
  3. Honorary Member: The following shall be an honorary member:
    • All the past Managers, Directors and Principals of the Institute;
    • An eminent person honoured by the Institute.

General Council:

The Association shall function through its General Council which shall comprise of the following Elected, Nominated and Ex-Officio members:

Elected Members:

Ten Life members atleast one from each Department

Nominated Members

  1. Distinguished Alumnus / Alumna: Shall be a Life Member of the Association and should have been awarded the Distinguished Alumnus Award by the Institute or should be one of the ten alumni honoured by the Association at the 10th Anniversary held at the Institute in 2021. The incoming General Council shall nominate this member and his/her term shall be co-terminous with that of the incumbent Board.
  2. Principal of the institute.
  3. Director of the institute.
  4. President or his/her nominee of AISAT ASWAS club.
  5. Two faculties nominated by the Principal.
  6. Two parents of existing students of the institute.

Ex-Officio Members

  1. Immediate past President of the Association
  2. Immediate past Secretary of the Association