Applied Science and Humanities

Applied Science and Humanities2014-08-12T22:23:19+00:00

Basic Science and Humanities Department comprises Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry and Language.

Engineering Mathematics: Mathematics is the tool for any Engineer. The syllabus for Engineering Mathematics is designed to help students understand the significance of application and logical thinking. The real essence of Engineering Mathematics is nourished when it is revoked, invoked, implemented, used, developed and interpreted. Some of the topics dealt with are Differentiation, Integration, Differential equations, Laplace transforms, Fourier transforms, Z transforms, Probability and Graph Theory.

Engineering Physics: Engineering Physics is the study of the combined disciplines of Physics, Engineering and Mathematics. It provides grounding in applied physics such as Optics, Quantum Physics, Materials Science, Applied Mechanics, Nanotechnology, Micro Fabrication, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biophysics, Control Theory, Aerodynamics, Solid-State Physics etc.

Engineering Chemistry: The objective of teaching Engineering Chemistry is to impart a scientific approach to technology and to create awareness about major environmental issues. The focus is on electrochemical energy system, corrosion and corrosion control, engineering materials like polymers and carbon nanotubes, environmental pollution and environmental issues.

Language: Here, emphasis is placed on the development of the communication skills of the students. The audio-visual language lab in the college is used as an aid in modern language teaching and thus the students are supported to improve their command over the English language.