IMG_8289Nature is mysterious is many ways, with its secret revealed only to those who watch closely. Fluid flow, one of such perplexing natural phenomenon, apart from being the determining factor in the formation of weather, ocean waves and even the formation of plaques in biological systems, find applications in engineering systems such as IC engines. The knowledge of these systems depends on how well we observe the dynamics of flow in the working of these system. The key to this knowledge is computation. Huge computations consume a lot space and time, apart from the huge cost involved. We have developed a parallel computing cluster with an Open Source technology OpenFOAM. This high performance computing will be able to solve complex fluid dynamical phenomena which resolves even the smallest details. The technology used here is the domain decomposition method, inherent to OpenFOAM, to parallelize 32 computers with 4 processors of 2.5 Ghz each. Each node using 8 GB RAM. We welcome you all to use this facility to perform computations, on your research problems, using OpenFOAM.

Benchmarking of the parallel computing facility is done using the basic CFD problem, Lid driven cavity.

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