Online Model Examination: Instructions to Students


● The model examinations for S8 classes will be conducted by online mode, as per schedule published.
● Examination time: 10.15 AM to 12.30 PM.
● Students should report by online mode at 9.30AM and should mark their attendance in the respective Whatsapp group of the course from 9.30 AM to 9.45 AM to attend the examination.
● Special instructions will be given from 9.45AM, by the course faculty, Sr. Advisor and HOD.
● Question papers will be available in the respective Whatsapp group of the course and Linways as an assignment by 10.00 AM.
● Students should write their Name and Register Number on each page of the answer book. The answer sheets without a name and registration number will not be considered for valuation.
● Page numbers must be inserted in all pages of the answer sheet (Example: 1 of 10, 7 of 20)
● At the end of the examination, the scanned answer papers should be uploaded through Linways immediately. The uploading should be completed before 12.50 PM, after which the link will NOT be available.
● The question paper is set exactly as per the pattern followed by KTU during last S8 examination. There are questions of 140 marks (including choice questions) in the question paper. Normally, students are expected to answer questions of 100 marks. Here also the students can select questions as per choice and answer for 100 or more marks. But scoring 70 marks is equivalent to 100 marks.
● If the student attempts more questions, the best answers from each part will be considered during valuation.
● After valuation, if the student gets more than 70 marks, it will be taken as 70 and converted as 100 marks. When the marks scored is less than 70 it will be multiplied by 1.43 and will be converted to out of 100.
● This model examination is to be considered as a self evaluation by the students on how well each one has prepared for the University examinations. Do NOT attempt to refer to any study materials during the exam. Being the final year students and responsible citizens, all are requested to consider this as an important academic activity and follow the ethics during exam.