Procedure for College Transfer and Lateral Entry

Procedure for the College Transfer

Step 1 : Submit a request for transfer to the Principal where he/she is presently studying (College A)
Step 2 : The principal of college A may or may not recommend the transfer. Once recommended, the recommendation cannot be reversed and hence the Principal of college A has to relieve the student, if the student gets the transfer to college B.
Step 3: The Principal of college B shall publish the number of students that can be admitted based on the availability of vacant seats and based on the norms published by the University.
Step 4: Principal A relieves the student if he/she is selected by college B with necessary entries in the KTU portal.
Step 5: Principal B admits the student in College B with necessary entries in the KTU portal.
Step 6: Student remits the fee to the University.

College Transfer Enquiry Form