The Power Electronics lab under the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering enhances the students by providing them a platform for the better understanding of the concepts and working of advanced power semiconductor devices and power electronics circuits. This lab is set up to kindle the passion among the students to develop their own prototypes.  The lab facilitates students who are doing their final theses in power converters in particular and electrical energy conversion in general. The power electronics lab is well equipped with advanced power electronics equipments like power electronics training kits, chopper & inverter control units, thyristors controllers, Drive Control using DSP controllers, dc machine drives, function generators, signal generators, oscilloscopes, power scopes etc


Lab Equipment and software tools:

  • Series Inverter 2707
  • PWM Inverter PE44
  • 1φ controlled Rectifier 2708
  • Step down Chopper trainer 2724
  • Firing Circuit 2716
  • Function Generator
  • Power Oscilloscope
  • Bridge Converter Drive 7040
  • 3 Phase LV Power supply 7201
  • 3φ Controlled Rectifier 7202
  • Digital storage Oscilloscope &CROLab Courses:
    • EE 010 607: Power Electronics Lab
    • EC010 508 :Electric Drives and Control Lab

    Faculty In Charge:
    Mr.Tiju Baby

    Lab Instructor

    Mr.Steffan C Joseph