Techincal Campus, School of Engineering, Kalamassery, Ernakulam, Kochi, Kerala, India

Electrical Machines Lab

Faculty in charge: Mr. Thomas Felix

Lab in charge: Ms Siji Varghese

The objective of the laboratory is to provide the students a chance to put theory into practice. It also encourages the students to troubleshoot the system in organized and established mannerBesides, the lab instills in the students the awareness and practice of safety. The Electrical Machines lab under the department is equipped with electrical machines like dc motors, ac motors, dc generators, transformers and alternators. The lab facilitates the students to study the characteristics / behaviour of these electrical machines and helps them to have a better understanding of what they have studies in their text books. This lab has an area of 420sqm. Some of the electrical loads used for doing the experiments are built by our technical staff.

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